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Rich Brown Industries through Irlworld Hip Hop Productions and Press & Move Publishing concentrates on making huge impact movies and musical soundtracks with a low budget for maximum returns in profit by directing great stories that are inexpensive to produce.    


This is the latest project that we are working on based on the song "TELL THEM I'M A BEAST" by Rich Brown Internationali.  We will produce a Movie, Soundtrack, Play, Book, & Merchandise based off this single song provided by Press & Move Publishing.  Irlworld Hip Hop Productions will handle the filming & directing of this feature film. 


The script for this movie is not 100% completed.  So, therefore we don't have a total full idea of who we are casting in this production.  If you are interested in playing a part in this production whether it be in the forefront or the background please go to the link below "Contact Casting".