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(R)ich (B)rown (I)ndustries [The definition of a: BROWNSTER]

Rich Brown Industries is a movement headed by Richard Nathaniel Brown (Rich Brown Internationali).  This movement states that all beings on the planet earth are all BROWN people.  There is no more Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, and/or others.  We are all one people based on our skin.  There is no such thing as Black or White because no one is actually the color Black or White.  We are BROWN people based on the hues of colors that are located in the color spectrum that lies between Black & White.  Everybody on the planet is actually BROWN (different shades of BROWN).  When you think as a BROWNSTER you look at everyone as what you are on the outside & you judge them only by their insides.  Together as this new force that is taking over the world whether you like it are not; collectively, we are coming together to form businesses that will be pillars in our new nation that no longer sees color but, instead we all see unity for the purpose of love, respect, peace, and prosperity.


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